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Cross Stitch Book Mark using Horizon Link

When I get a new sewing machine I guess I am like a kid in a candy story, I need to try everything out. So one late saturday night about 10:30pm I came across this interesting design on the last page of the cross stitch embroidery folder and knew right away what I was going to create.

IMG_4967 (1)

With this project I decided to focus on creating the design in the Horizon Link software that comes with the Janome Memory Craft 15000 and sending it to the machine through the WIFI.

Firstly, you will need to make sure you that the Horizon Link software loaded onto your computer. Once you have the program installed you can go ahead and open it.

Screenshot 2017-10-10 09.48.39

Select the EmbLink Tool icon, this will take you into the next step.

Screenshot 2017-10-10 09.49.32

From the next list, select the Editing Embroidery Designs icon. Click on the icon so it opens into the edit page.

Screenshot 2017-10-10 09.50.05

Now that you are in the editing  (home) page, click on the icon that says design and looks like a little folder with a heart in it. This will  take you in to your computer to find the design we wish to use.

Screenshot 2017-10-10 09.50.36

So you should now have this image   of you. We will be using a built -in designs  that comes with the Janome Memory Craft 15000, but we do not have our machine tethered to our computer, so we will not be using the icons that are listed under the machine list. We will be select the design folder from the list under the PC.

Screenshot 2017-10-10 09.52.28

So  now we have all the design grouped into the little folders that correspond with the folder that are built-in on the machine. Select the 12#Cross Stitch Design folder from the list.

Screenshot 2017-10-10 09.53.12

So on the very bottom of the list you will see design Cross Stitch Design_4_05.jef , this is the design we are going to use for our project. So go ahead and select the design.

Screenshot 2017-10-10 09.54.49

Once you have select the design, the program will take you back into the edit screen and you will have the design center in the middle of the hoop. Our next step is to select the drop down arrow from the Embroidery Edit icon in the toolbar. From the list of hoops, select the SQ14.

Screenshot 2017-10-10 09.57.11

Now you should have your design in the center of the SQ14 hoop. From the list of icons on the top of the toolbar, select the View icon. This will take you in to the page that we can now zoom in on our design. Go ahead and click on the Zoom in icon and click on the design until you can zoom no more.

Screenshot 2017-10-10 10.05.40

Now from the list of icons on the top of the page, select the EDIT icon on the middle. Once you have open the edit page, locate the ROTATE icon from the list and rotate the design 90.

Screenshot 2017-10-10 10.06.03

You should now have your design sitting vertically on the page.

Screenshot 2017-10-10 10.06.39

Select the design and holding down the left click on the mouse, drag the design up the page so that it is sitting use on the horizontal crosshairs of the hoop.

Screenshot 2017-10-10 10.09.34

Select the copy and paste function for the list, when you copy and paste the second design will come in to the page and sit directly over the top of the original design, but in the Design list on the right and side of the screen you will see that two designs will appear.

Screenshot 2017-10-10 10.11.57

Check that you have the second design selected, you can tell because it will be highlighted blue in the design list  toolbar. Now move the design down the page so the  top row of stitches just covers the bottom row of the first design.

Screenshot 2017-10-10 10.15.32

Now you can select the Colour Grouping icon from the list. This process will go through and group the two single designs into one design and then group the colours, so you will be going from an eight colour change design down to a four colour change design.

Screenshot 2017-10-10 10.15.55

You can see in the Design List tool bar on the right hand side of the computer this process.

Now click on the Home icon from the list at the top of the page and click on the icon that is at the top left corner, it looks like a circle. From this list select the Connection Setting.

Screenshot 2017-10-10 10.19.18

Check to see if your machine is listed, if it is not listed like mine, make sure that you have the machine turned on and it in embroidery mode. Also check that all the warning messages are off the machine so all you can see in your machine is the home screen.

Check that the Wireless LAN is selected and press search, once the computer has finished searching for your machine it will appear in the list. Click on your machine so that it is highlighted and press OK. The box will then disappear when you machine and computer are connected.

Screenshot 2017-10-10 10.22.02

Once you are back to the previous screen you can select the SEND icon and this will send it two your embroidery machine.

Now that we have the design aspect of this project ready, we can now focus on

our fabric, hoop preparation and colour choices.


Go ahead and hoop up the SQ14 hoop with a single layer of wash away stabilizer. For a project like this we alway use the woven type of wash away.

Cut the 14 count ada cloth to a 6inch x 8 inch rectangle, we will be floating the fabric for this project. You can now take the hoop to your machine and thread the machine with a white WonderFil Konfetti thread for the project. We use this type of Egyptian cotton for the project, because it gives a better coverage and a more traditional cross stitch finish also make sure you have genuine Janome bobbinfil in your bobbin.


Using the basting stitch on your machine, baste the ada cloth down to the hoop. When you have competed the basting you can stitch out the first colour change.


Once you have finished the first colour change, remove the white from the machine. Rethread the machine with the next colour, for this project we used the Wonder Konfetti #Col.KT614 and stitch out the next colour change.


Once you come to the third colour change you can choose a different colour and rethread or you can do as we have and repeat the same colour.


You should now be up to the final colour change. Go ahead and unthread your machine and retread it with the WonderFil Konfetti #Col.Kt605 and stitch out the last colour change.


When you have completed the design you can remove it from the machine, go a head and remove the hoop from the machine.Cut back the wash away stabilizer from the reverse side of the design.


Put your embroidery carriage back into the home place and change to the sewing mode. Wind a bobbin with the WonderFil Konfetti #Col.Kt605 thread and set it in the machine. Put the clear F2 foot on to your sewing machine and select the triple straight stitch. Measure out two grid squares from the corners and mark with an erasable marker pen. Using the chosen stitch, stitch out a board around the outside of the embroidery design.


Then from the border measure out another 6 grids and cut any excess fabric back to this mark. Remove the extra threads back to this stitch line. Wash out the wash away stabilizer and when dry press with an iron.

IMG_4967 (1)


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