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Tea Cut Pin Cushion

One of the surprising thing that I encounter  is how often I create a project and get asked where did I get the design from. Nine times out of ten it is a built in on my  machines. So I decided to create this simple tea cup pin cushion to feature one of the many fringing designs that come with the Janome MC15000.

The first thing we will need to do is set up our embroidery machine, so make sure your machine is off and attach the embroidery carriage.  Go ahead and turn on you machine and put it into embroidery mode.

Now we can go ahead and open the built in embroidery designs folder on the home page, you know the little flower symbol. So when it opens click on the flower again, it will not appear over next to the image of hoops. This will take you to the menu of the groups that each design is in. Scroll down the pages until you find the group of fringing designs and open the folder, now scroll down to page three and select design #5.

fringe 05

Now you will need to open the edit screen and change the hoop to the SQ14. While you are in the edit screen Copy & Paste the design to the design so that it is sitting in the top Left of the original design.

While having the new design selected, select the cornering tool. This will now copy and paste the design into the other three corners.teacup step2

So once we  have a set of 5 on the edit screen, Select one and copy and paste until you have 9 flowers to the design.

Teacup Step3

Once you have all 9 flowers in the edit screen, scroll through the edit options until you find the colour grouping option. The icon looks like two reals of colour one red and the other blue. Select the icon and it will open to a new page, press OK on the page and when it takes you back to the home screen all the colours will be grouped. This will help cut down on the thread changing process.

For this project we used the Wonderfil range, and chose a Light , a Medium and a dark Pink for the flower and a yellow center.


Now that we have your design ready, we can go ahead and hoop up your chosen fabric and a piece of medium weight tear away stabilizer in the SQ14 hoop. For the teacup that I created, I started with the darkest thread. So in order according to to the colour changes my selection what dark pink, medium pink, light pink and finally yellow. Once all colours have been stitch out the design will be completed. Now comes the real fun.

Remove the piece of fabric from the hoop and remove the stabilizer from the back of the pattern. Using a small pair of snips or embroidery thread scissors, remove the bobbin fill from the reverse side of the design.


Now you can remove the piece of stabilizer from behind the flower. You will need to complete this for all of the flowers.


When you have done so, flip the piece of fabric over. Using a pair of tweezers gently pull the threads back through to the right side of the fabric.


Using Fray Stop add couple of drops to the reverse centers  just to help hold everything in place. Once the fray stop is dry. Place the piece of embroidered fabric on a flat surface. Using the Sewing Revolutions circular ruler, make the 4″ makers to from a circle around the embroidery.


Now trim back the extra fabric from around the design.


Using a hand sewing needle and some thread, create a basting stitch around the edge of the fabric.


Once you have created the stitch, slowly gather the fabric so that you and start to add the top fill. You will need to add enough that it creates a firm ball in behind the fabric.


Once you have got a consistency that you are happy with tie the two ends of the threads together so that you don’t loose the shape.


Using a craft glue and a paint brush, add glue to the inside of the cut and push the ball into the cup make sure that you leave enough out so that the flowers are still sitting out on the top of the tea cup. Allow for the glue to dry over night.

When it is dry, mix together the Epoxy Adhesive according to manufactures instructions. Add the Epoxy Adhesive to the center of the teacup, press the teacup down so that it is sitting in the Epoxy Adhesive, if you would like to have the teacup on the angle you will need to find something for the teacup to rest against until the Epoxy is set.


Once the Epoxy is set you are all ready to start using your new Teacup Pincushion.



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