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Creating Pretty Ladies

If you like to incorporate different textures in your embroidery designs that you will enjoy this tutorial.

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3 thoughts on “Creating Pretty Ladies

  1. Hi i was wondering if know how to do multihooping with the digitizer v5. I have a Janome 9900 and i am trying to do a extra large cross for our church altar. I have the design and i have made the design larger and it says i need to change 4 hoops to finish the design. so i understand that but when i want to write it to my usb it says that some of the design is missing. If you think you can help me i would love to come and have lessons with you. Please help.
    Anica Jevicki

    1. Hello Anica, this is a tricky one. To start with the reason you can not see the design when transfer is that it is too big for one hoop. Any design that is to big will not appear on your machine. You will need to break the design into 4 separate designs in the software and use the hoop grid to line them up when stitching them out. Happy Stitching

  2. How or where can the pretty lady artwork obtained?

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