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Creating Cutter Shapes with Artistic Digitizer 1.0

The Artistic Digitizer software has more to it then just digitizing. I love how I can use one program for all my embroidery, digitizing and cutting needs. I have put together a tutorial on cutting basic quilting triangles using this software.

Open Artistic Digitizer 1.0 software. Double click on the Company-Machine icon to the right of the screen.
Click on the Company drop-down menu and select Cutters.
Click on the Machine drop-down menu and select the mat to support your machine. For this tutorial we are using the Edge 12.
Select Create New.
Change the Auto-sequence to Manual.
Click on the Techniques icon.
Select the Cut Technique and click Ok.
Click on the From File icon.
Open the Embroidery Design folder located in the Public Documents folder on your C drive.
Open the Vector design-SVG folder located in the Artistic Digitizer 1.0 sample folder.
Select and Open the SquareTriangle file.
I like to change the Fill colour to match the outline. This is so I can see the design better.
Open the Cutter Presets and select Fabric with Terial Magic from the drop-down menu.
Change the pressure to 70 and the Speed to 40. These are the settings I like to work with to get the best results.
Select Export from the File menu and choose To Cutters from the drop-down menu.
Check the Artistic Edge is highlighted and click Connect.

Fabric Preparation and a clean High Tack mat are the key to successful fabric cutting.

Spray the fabric with Terial Magic so that it feels saturated. Lay the fabric between two non-stick applique mats and press with the ironing press until dry. The fabric should be dry and feel almost like cardboard. This is the desired result, the stiffer the better.

Press the fabric on to the high tack mat right side up. Using painters tape, tape the edge of the fabric to the mat.
Insert the mat into the cutting machine. Check that you have the correct blade in and on the correct settings. Line up the laser in the correct position and trace the design area. Once you are happy, cut out the fabric pieces.


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Creating Crystal Templates with Artistic Digitizer

The versatility of the Artistic Digitizer is amazing, whether it’s machine embroidery or incorporating it in to digital cutter projects. Here is a fun tutorial on creating a crystal template to jazz up any project.

Open the Artistic Digitizer software and check that you have the Cutter as your designated machine and select Create New.

Open the Tools menu and select Insert Symbol.

From the Wingdings font, select the flower and click Insert.

The flower will now appear on the edit screen. While the design is selected (has a blue box around the shape and is highlighted purple) right click your mouse on the design and select break apart from the down menu

Select the 2 centre aspects of the design and deleted them.

Select the design and choose Crystals from the Fill menu in the Properties menu.

From the Properties check that you have the correct size selected. For the sample we used 2.7-2.8 in Ruby.

Scroll down the properties menu and change the Fill to a Single Line.

From the left menu bar select Shape and Ellipse from the menu. Create a circle in the centre of the flower.

Select Crystals from the properties, change the colour to Sun and select Circular as the Fill

Check that Proportional is selected and change the height to 4”.

Check that you have all the design selected open the Cutter Preset and select the Crystal Template Material.

Click on File and scroll down to Export, open the down menu and click on To Cutter.

Click Connect


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