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Creating Crystal Templates with Artistic Digitizer

The versatility of the Artistic Digitizer is amazing, whether it’s machine embroidery or incorporating it in to digital cutter projects. Here is a fun tutorial on creating a crystal template to jazz up any project.

Open the Artistic Digitizer software and check that you have the Cutter as your designated machine and select Create New.

Open the Tools menu and select Insert Symbol.

From the Wingdings font, select the flower and click Insert.

The flower will now appear on the edit screen. While the design is selected (has a blue box around the shape and is highlighted purple) right click your mouse on the design and select break apart from the down menu

Select the 2 centre aspects of the design and deleted them.

Select the design and choose Crystals from the Fill menu in the Properties menu.

From the Properties check that you have the correct size selected. For the sample we used 2.7-2.8 in Ruby.

Scroll down the properties menu and change the Fill to a Single Line.

From the left menu bar select Shape and Ellipse from the menu. Create a circle in the centre of the flower.

Select Crystals from the properties, change the colour to Sun and select Circular as the Fill

Check that Proportional is selected and change the height to 4”.

Check that you have all the design selected open the Cutter Preset and select the Crystal Template Material.

Click on File and scroll down to Export, open the down menu and click on To Cutter.

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Creating Beautiful Applique Embroidery

I have found that the Artistic Edge and the Simple cut 7.1 software to be a very versatile systems, which is great because not everyone is just into paper crafts. This project using one of the many artworks provided with the software to create a beautiful applique design.

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Reverse Applique Embroidery Design


One thing that I do love about the Artistic Edge and the Simple Cut software is how versatile it is. I often here from people that the cutter is only for paper crafts. But this is not the case. Everyone who knows me knows how much I love my embroidery so when I had the chance to create Reverse Applique designs to incorporate the cutter and embroidery machine I jumped at the chance and here is what I can up with.

Reverse Applique Artwork

Download the above image for this tutorial

Reverse Applique Flower

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Creating Hand Embroidery Patterns


Do you like to create hand embroidered blocks for your quilts but can never find just the right pattern? Well, you can now create your very own patterns with this tutorial.

Stencil 1

Click on the above image and save it to your desktop

Creating Hand Embroidery Patterns