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Creating Unique Quilt Blocks

Time and time again I have customers telling me how they just can’t find the prefect designs for their quilt projects and time and time again I ask them, why have the same designs as everyone else, when you can create your own unique style?

You will need to download and save the artwork for this project

Quilt Block June 2017

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Zen Quilting Embroidery Pattern

There are some really great artwork that comes installed with the Janome Digitizer V5 software. Zen quilting is really popular right now and you can create your very own embroidery patterns.

So firstly, you need to open up the Janome Digitizer V5 software. When I created this tutorial I used the Janome Horizon MC15000 to test my pattern. It is very important as a designer to test all your creations, because you will soon find out very quickly that what you see on your computer screen is not always what you will receive as a stitch out.