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Cornering and Colouring with Horizon Link

Last week I wrote a tutorial about the cornering and colour sorting tools on the Janome mc15000 and it got me thinking about all the extras you get when you purchase the machine. So here is a tutorial on how to used these features in the Horizon Link software, which is the free software that comes with your machine. I have also included how to transfer the design from the horizon link software to your embroidery machine via WiFi. Happy Stitching

To get stated you will need to open the Horizon Link software on your pc.

Once you have open the software program, you will need to select the EmbLink Tool icon.

Once the EmbLink Tool is open select the Editing Embroidery Designs from the list.

When you have selected this icon, the program will open into the edit screen. One of the great features of using the software program is that you can get a better view in the edit screen and often the bigger the screen the bigger the image, therefore no one squinting to see that you are trying to do on the screen.

Now the first them is to make sure you have the correct hoop for this project. You will see on the bottom of the screen the hoop size that is selected, check that you have the SQ23 hoop selected. If you don’t then please go ahead and change the hoop size.

The next step is to select the Design Folder icon.

Now that you have the Design Folder open you will see that you have many options for sourcing your designs. For todays tutoiral we are going to use on the built-ins from our machine. If you didn’t know, when you up load the Horizon Link software to your computer there is a copy of the built-in designs that are uploaded too. So you can play with the built-ins on your computer with out having to take them from your machine first.

Okay, lets get back on track. On the screen you will see that there is an icon of your machine and two USB, that is used for direct link up. A tutorial for another day.

But under that you will see a list under “PC”, Desktop – Documents – Design Folder. Go ahead and click on the Design Folder.

Now on your screen you will have a list of all the design folders that are located on your embroidery machine. From this list you will need to click on the Abstract Designs folder.

Select Abstract _1_21.jef  design.

You should now be back in the edit screen of the program, with the design in the centre of the hoop.

At the top of the screen you will see a list of options, Home – Edit – View.

Go ahead and select the view icon, you will now see that the top options have changed and you can now Zoom in on the design. This is a personal preference, but I find that the bigger the design the easier to see the changes you make. Therefore I like to zoom at least 4 times.

Now that you have the edit screen nice and big, drop the design into the top left of the centre crosshatch on the hoop. As you can see this is why it is important to have the design large on the screen.

From the list of potions at the top of the screen, select the Edit screen again.

Once you have the design when you need it in the hoop, you will need to select the Corner Tool from the list of options at the top of the screen.

You will now have all four designs in the hoop and if you look to the right of the screen you will see that they appear as four separate designs in the Design list.

From the list of icons now select the Color Grouping. When you do this you will see that in the design list the designs have now changed and are sorted by colours now.

From the above list select the Home icon, when you do this you will see that it have taken you back to the original screen from when you open the program.

Select the icon in the top left of your screen. When you open this menu, scroll down and select the Connection Settings.

The next screen that will appear will give you the option of how you wish to connect your embroidery machine.  For this tutorial you will be using the WiFi so check that the WiFi option is selected, if you machine appears in the list of machines that you can select it and ok to the next step. But if the Box is empty you will need to search for your machine.

Once you have searched for your machine and it is connected to the WiFi at the machine end, you will see it appear in the box of options. Select your machine from the list and click OK.

When your machine and program are linked then the screen will disappear and you will be back at the home screen. You can now press Send from the list of icons and send your new design to your embroidery machine, ready to be stitch out.


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